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Full Service with Commission Options?

Full Service with Commission Options?? YES

Why not take full advantage of representation and a commission plan that fits Your needs?

► One and Done Plan
• one Buyer (your Buyer, we find Buyer, referral, another agent's Buyer)
• we take care of the paperwork
• we coordinate related professionals (inspectors, appraisers, title/closing company, etc)
• reduced commission

► Open House Plan
• one week listing (to measure, take photos, prepare paperwork)
• load to MLS (include open house date and related website upload)
• hold one open house
• follow-up with attendees
• reduced commission (co-broke commission included in plan)

► Progressive Commission Plan
• go to market with our Full Service Complete and Unique Marketing System for Sellers
• reduced commission first 30 days
• 1/2 percent commission increase after 30 days
• another 1/2 percent commission increase after another consecutive 30 days (caps at this commission for the rest of the contract)
• go to market with our Full Service and stepped commission (co-broke commission included in plan)
► Conventional Full Service
• full service marketing = full commission (co-broke commission included in plan))

The marketing and commission plans can be combined.

Which plan/s can we put to work for you?
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