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Our Multi-Benefit Buyer Program is a proven tool to help you find a home (multi-family, condominium, commercial, vacant land, retail, etc) that matches your needs and wishes by:
• discussing with you how the home buying process works
• assisting in locating and communicating with related professionals (i.e. lenders, home insurance, etc).
• together we identify your needs & wishes and start the search

Once we begin you:
• will receive homes new to the market the same day they become available
• shop at your convenience, in the comfort of your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week
• we can visit the homes you have already pre-qualified online at home
• set up showings on ANY home of interest (any Broker or homes not listed)
• answer your questions and get more information
• provide printed data sheets for the homes we are viewing

Once “the one” is found we:
• discuss your options
• discuss and draft Offer To Purchase paperwork with you
• deliver Offer to Seller or Seller's representative
• present sellers response (counter-offer, etc) to you
• draft your counter-offers, amendments, notices etc with you
• call you to congratulate you of an accepted offer
• deliver a fully executed copy of Accepted Offer paperwork to your lender
• aid in communicating and scheduling with related professionals (i.e. home inspectors, appraisers, title company, etc)
• attend your home inspection with you
• discuss with you your options regarding the home inspection
• aid in scheduling the closing
• schedule and attend a pre-closing walk-thru with you
• attend closing

All at NO COST to You! (Ask us how this works).

We are sure you can see how our Buyer Program would benefit Any Buyer! Give us a call, chat live and/or submit form below and we can start shopping.

If you are selling your home (home, condo, multi-family, etc.) we would welcome an opportunity to put our Complete and Unique Marketing System for Sellers to work for you.

• area/s of interest (ex. city, county or north-south-east-west boundaries)
• type of property or all types (ex. single family, duplex, multi-family, commercial, foreclosures etc)
• price range
We will contact you to start shopping

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